Submission Guidelines

1. We welcome guest posts on all areas of alternative dispute resolution. Alternative Dispute Resolution, in this sense would include arbitration, negotiation and mediation. We invite articles, case briefs and interviews related to the field of alternative dispute resolution.

2. We prefer posts that do not exceed 1,500 words in length (other than in exceptional circumstances).

3. Case laws, statutory materials or other resources that are being referred to should be appropriately hyperlinked.

4. Analytical posts are preferred over descriptive ones.

5. Through their submissions, the contributors confirm that the work represents their original contribution, and that it has not been copied or plagiarized in whole or in part from other works.

Review Process 

1. Authors should submit their articles through call for submissions or direct email at after ensuring that their articles are in compliance with the submission guidelines given on our website that is

2. When a new manuscript is received, the EIC will first examine it for suitability and relevance. A manuscript that is clearly out of scope or is not suitable to publication in a reputed blog will be rejected outright.

3. Subsequently, the EIC will assign the submitted manuscript to a team of Senior and Junior Editor who will manage the review process. The team of Senior and Junior Editor will be selected based on her/his competencies related to the content of the manuscript. When a manuscript falls into multiple categories, a suitable team with competencies relevant to any of the categories may be selected.

4. The team of Senior and Junior Editor is required to declare any conflict of interest concerning the assigned manuscript to the EIC, who may proceed to reallocate it to another team.

5. Upon assignment of a manuscript, the team of Senior and Junior Editor will administer the review process, summarize the reviews and recommend an action (acceptance, revision or rejection) to the EIC. The EIC is in-charge of the final decision.

Duration of the Review Process

Mapping ADR tries to enforce a very quick review process. The EIC will commit to assign a paper to the team of Senior and Junior Editor within one week from its reception. The team must commit to send back his/her report to the EIC within two weeks from the original reception of the paper. Although, the editorial board cannot prevent unforeseen delays in the above process, articles submitted to Mapping ADR blog are expected to receive a notice about the outcome of the review process within three weeks. Apart from this, a notice about the reception of the article to the blog as well as the initiation of the process will also be sent to the author.